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A mother and her daughter...

As I’m in the early stages of getting this photography thing off the ground, I’m learning that I enjoy photo shoots for a couple reasons. Of course I love capturing moments in photographs. But I also get to enter into people’s lives for a moment, have a glimpse into their stories and witness family bonds. And for me, the photographs are purely a service to those stories and relationships.

The mother-daughter relationship is one that I have yet to experience as a mother. And if I'm honest, I'm ok with that 95% of the time. #givemealltheboys. It wasn't until I shot this adorable duo - Tazia and Ava - that the mommy-daughter bond deeply moved me. There was just something special about the two of them. They loved each other in a way that intrigued me.

Tazia wanted six month photos of her sweet little Ava. After a mutual friend connected us, we decided to schedule a shoot. However over time, scheduling conflicts turned things into a bit of a scramble. And that left me a little uneasy as I sat at the park awaiting their arrival. The mother in me began to worry.

Is it Ava’s nap time? Will she be hungry? The time of day wasn't the best for lighting - Will these photos turn out good at all?? It was around noon; Tazia’s lunch break, and her time was limited - How should I prioritize shots???

But the minute Tazia got out of the car, she had the warmest smile on her face. She retrieved Ava from her carseat and introduced us. Tazia was beaming! I was immediately struck by Tazia, the mother. When I asked her to tell me about herself and Ava, she told me all about how sweet her little girl is, all the milestones she’s hit, and that she was indeed very hungry. 🙈

“Oh that's OK!” I said while thinking to myself, “Yikes. I was afraid of this.” Yet despite my suspicion, the appeal of their bond had already begun to turn the shoot around for me. In fact I started feeling like a 3rd wheel - but in the best way.

As I began snapping pictures of sweet little Ava, I struck up conversation with her mommy. She began telling me about the last 6 months with Ava, the excitement of the newborn season, and how proud she is to be providing for her baby girl. She was particularly excited about their home. The two of them had just moved in and were searching around for furniture.

Her excitement was contagious. It relaxed my shoulders and turned an uneasy shoot into a beautiful moment, as I continued learning from these two lovely ladies and the sweetest of bonds that they share. We chatted, we laughed, we took a little break so Ava could eat, we played in the grass, tested out the swings, and chatted some more before Tazia had to hurry back to work.

(someone didn't want to leave mommy for the swing. but she is even cute when she cries)

I’ll always remember that shoot. The mother-daughter bond is an amazing thing. And I look forward to capturing more bonds like that in the future! Thank you, Tazia and Ava.

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